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How You Can Reduce the Risk of Being Burgled
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How You Can Reduce the Risk of Being Burgled

Burglar Alarm
A burglar alarm with a bell box and flashing light at the front of the property is one of the most effective ways to deter a burglar. Burglar alarm systems use motion sensors in addition to window and door contact detectors to identify any unwelcome entrance into your home. Burglar alarms come in both wired and wireless versions. The mere site of an alarm can deter a break in from occurring. We also recommend changing the password once a month, just a a precaution.

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Door Locks
We recommend installing ABS locks on your front and back doors. ABS locks carry the British Standard kitemark and come with the highest security rating which is 3 stars. We also recommend installing a mortice locking additions to bolts at the top and bottom of the door, a peep hole and a door chain. Another suggestion if you don’t have one already fitted, install a light by the front door. More information can be found here on how to make your home a more secure place.

Burglars tend to prefer gaining access through the side and back doors, where there is less chance of them being seen. Security lighting in these areas will help deter any attempt. However make sure you don’t disturb your neighbours, you can do this by installing a motion sensor light as opposed to a light which turns on when it’s dark. Check with your insurance company as you may need to fit certain types of locks to your exterior doors, in order to validate your insurance.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is leaving their keys in the door DONT MAKE THIS MISATAKE. Another mistake people tend to make is leaving there keys in the hallway near the front door. This is a big mistake as criminals have developed tactics to steal these keys using a metal coat hanger. They simple slide the metal coat hanger through the post box then hook it around the keys and pull them out, and in one minute you’ve lost your car and homes keys.

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